International project «Beauty of Universe» has a new corporate identity


International project «Beauty of Universe» has a new corporate identity.

Recently completed competition logos, which started on the site of the competition a year ago, which was attended by several hundred designers from all over the CIS. The winner was recognized designer from Novosibirsk Kiselev Nikolay, who has developed the most fashionable and vibrant corporate identity.

The philosophy of corporate identity. The sign shows the greatness. The figure of the girl runs up to the stars. It penetrates into the sky. Silhouette of a slender figure, refined and majestic. Long-haired girl is a symbol of femininity and tenderness. Symbols stars demonstrate the boundless space of the universe (that is why they are four-pointed, space). In addition, the star — a sign of the premium, standard and cleanliness. The color scheme of the sign is made in bright, feminine shades of reddish-purple.

All the media in the press releases you need to use these options for the image. The slogan of the Competition: «Brighter than the stars».

Main logo design with a gradient:

Logo Design in two colors:

One-color logo execution:

Logo Design in two colors (Russian version):