The first quarter-finals of the beauty contest «Beauty of Universe» from Russia


Ended the first quarter-finals of the international beauty contest «Beauty of Universe 2017» from Russia, which for the semi-finals competed 15 beauties from all over Russia.

As a result of sms-voting published in the semi-finals 10 participants.

Now participants have to be written in a strictly defined period video message about yourself, your city or country. Participants who can not cope with the task later in the semi-finals is not allowed.

Statistics vote next (participants, published in the semi-finals):

1. Tatiana Fomicheva, Vyazma (15.78%)

2. Elvira Karimova, Kazan (12.22%)

3. Yanina Strunevskaya, Saint-Petersburg (10.67%)

4. Victoria Mikhailova, Smolensk (9.11%)

5. Vera Nesterova, Bryansk (8.67%)

6. Maria Demidova, Novokuznetsk (7.78%)

7. Lyubov Lozhkina, Yoshkar-Ola (6.22%)

8. Antonina Bosh, Ulyanovsk (6.22%)

9. Irina Sorokina, Lipetsk (6.00%)

10. Anastasia Grigorieva, Saint-Petersburg (4.22%)