Flag of the beauty contest «Beauty of Universe» in New Guinea


The journey of the flag of the international beauty contest «Beauty of Universe» continues along the highest mountain peaks of seven continents with the club «7SUMMITS».

Today the flag of the contest reached New Guinea. Apart from Greenland, New Guinea is the largest island on the planet. Deadly fevers, poisonous snakes and insects, giant crocodiles and tiny catfish parasites biting into the flesh; huge leeches and infectious mites are waiting for you at every step.

But the team of the club «7SUMMITS» is not afraid of testing and in the near future together with the flag of the contest «Beauty of Universe» is ready to conquer the highest mountain peak of Australia and Oceania «Pyramid Karstens» (Punchak-Jaya Mountain), whose height is 4884 m above sea level.